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Dr. Nakia Hamlett

I am just like you! That’s why wellness matters so much to me. For years, I struggled to find balance, hit the ultimate burnout low-points, and (finally) pivoted to more freedom of time and money! Now, I use my mental health, wellness, and business expertise to create innovative digital products and workshops that help organizations and individuals heal burnout and create thriving, psychologically safe spaces. 

Beach Reach: The Course

Beach Reach helps you create a high-ticket offer or digital product that will help you meet the demand for your services and take your side-hustle to the next level.

Liberation Tool Kit

The LTK is a unique DEI course that helps individuals discover themselves as one key element for building an equitable, diverse workspace.

Beach Reach Coaching

Designed for those who are serious about healing burnout, making more money, and developing the mindset for abundance and wellness as a way of life.

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Liberation Tool Kit

The Liberation Tool Kit is a unique, DEI course highlighting the complex dynamics of human behavior, behavioral conditioning, ALL The Radicals (self-care, self-love, acceptance, honesty), and mindfulness. At its core, the LTK aims to help individuals discover themselves as one key element for building equitable, diverse workspaces.

By design, the LTK will help people do the work. Creating diverse and equitable spaces is driven as much by personal shifts as by systemic change.


We enjoyed your talk a lot! Right after your seminar, I received emails from my students talking about radical honesty. We can’t serve the community with honesty unless we ourselves experience radical honesty. Such a powerful message.”

-Organizer, State Psychological Association

on Direct DEI Training by Dr. Hamlett

“What an amazing job you’ve done on this series. The Liberation Tool Kit is exceptional and I look forward to integrating this into future efforts through our organization’s diversity initiatives. I look forward to connecting and talking more.”

-Starsheemar Byrum, Coordinator of SAIV-RT

on the Liberation Tool Kit Course

I thought the presentation as a whole was thorough and well-developed. Dr. Hamlett gave good examples from the present and past which enhanced her points. I think the modules could be split over a month or two. A great presentation overall!

-Public school district team member

on the Liberation Tool Kit Course

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