Beach Reach

Whether you are early career, mid-career, or simply looking for another stream of income 


Beach Reach is for YOU”

What if you could develop a new stream of income that would change the game for you?

(Without adding more days of work, seeing more clients than you can handle (*yikes), or constantly hustling for money (*ugh).

Beach Reach helps you to create a signature high-ticket offer or digital product that will help you meet the demand for your services and take your side-hustle or private practice to the next level!



As therapists, or even humans, in the “rat race” we are trained to say “yes” more than we should! Especially, as helpers, we want to help any and everyone, which leads to exhaustion, burnout, compassion fatigue, and health problems.


The time it takes to create a BEACH REACH product will pay in dividends! You will buy your time back, help more people, and make money in your sleep…or while at the beach! 🙂


What you do is uniquely different and special!You’ll feel great when you see your wisdom in package form and even better when you can offer it to help someone….without the extra burden on your time and energy.

Don’t Wait Another Year to develop your high-ticket offer or create a digital asset! Create it once & sell it again & again!  

BEACH REACH will change the game for you!

Here’s the thing: You can revamp your practice to be less exhausting and more profitable.

At the same time, you can also help more individuals & organizations who need YOUR HELP.

BUT FIRST YOU HAVE TO HANDLE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: You need to develop ways to make more money with less effort and package your expertise so it can be delivered without you personally doing it every time!

You think filling your practice with as many clients as you can, getting on insurance panels, and giving a training every once in a while, is the way to go. It is NOT.


Stop saying “yes” when you can’t actually take on one more client! Stop agreeing to give talks or trainings for pennies on the dollar!

Makes me smh when I think about experts like you offering so much value and leaving so much money on the table.

Stop feeling bad about asking for what people with less training than you make every day, all day, for their expertise!

They didn’t teach us this in graduate school! But you know what?
The answer is simple.

Package your expertise, 10X the value you offer, and start collecting checks.

BURNOUT CAN ONLY BE HEALED in one of three ways:

You cease all activities that stress you (try telling your clients, families, and friends about this solution *lol)

You limit the number of activities you do.

You make more money in different ways so you can do fewer activities.

Tell me this is you

- A therapist, counselor, or coach wanting to grow your business but with less overwhelm.

- Struggling to find balance; finding yourself more exhausted than anything else.

- Feeling stuck on the hamster wheel of seeing clients, doing paperwork, and sneaking in "self-care".

- Doing your best to "be present" and in the moment but are struggling to manage it all.

- Finding that you feel irritated, frustrated, and resentful about what is expected of you.

- Second guessing whether this "dream career" can work long-term at this pace or not.

If you are dealing with any of these issues, you are in the right place! I’m a clinical psychologist and entrepreneur who specializes in consultation, assessment, and business coaching. On my own personal journey, after years of working harder, not smarter, I pivoted from burnout to more freedom of time and money!

I founded Complex Psychology to help people do the same: To lead better, healthier, and wealthier lives!

So, let me show you how to quickly develop an additional stream of income, and, take some of the pressure off, on your journey to build the life & business of your dreams!

How It Works

BEACH REACH is a step-by-step video guide, including all the free tech tools necessary, for quickly creating a digital product that monetizes your expertise so YOU can be at the beach and reach your target audience!

With Beach Reach, in just 5 days, you can create:

-A time-limited, self-paced module to help select clients or students when your practice, class, or business is full

-A signature workshop to offer for CEUs, to corporations, universities, or other agencies

-A Workbook for clients or students

-A video consultation series that can be licensed for use

-Whatever else you can dream up, you creative, monetizing genius, you!

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