Our Philosophy

My training and work have focused primarily on complex cases. Thus, my area of expertise is helping to conceptualize and address difficult personal, clinical, and social problems. I am passionate about helping people understand the many layers of their lives to help remove barriers so they can thoughtfully create the lives they want. I don’t believe in “can’t” only CAN DO. That is, I feel every problem has a solution and that analysis-driven decision-making, persistence, and creativity lead to powerful outcomes across life areas.

Strategies for risk management and practical, solution-focused recommendations.

Comprehensive coaching, consultation, and assessment services

Providing diagnostic clarity, psychological and educational insight.

Liberation Tool Kit

The Liberation Tool Kit is a unique, DEI course highlighting the complex dynamics human behavior, behavioral conditioning, ALL The Radicals (self- care, self-love, acceptance, honesty), and mindfulness.

Beach Reach

Beach Reach helps you create a high-ticket offer or digital product that will help you meet the demand for your services and take your side-hustle or private practice to the next level.


Direct DEI Training

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Schedule your virtual coffee

Please schedule a 10-minute introductory meeting or contact [email protected] for more information.