About Dr Nakia Hamlett

I received my doctorate in clinical psychology from the University at Albany, State University of New York. I also hold a Master’s Degree in Special Education from the University at Maryland, College Park. Before and after receiving my Ph.D., I worked as an academic researcher and clinician for eight years doing research and clinical work with children, families, and young adults struggling with complex trauma and related concerns.

After years of working harder rather than smarter, I realized that, although my over-arching life purpose is to serve humanity with psychology, my soul was calling me in a different direction. So, I pivoted! Complex Psych, in addition to my assessment and consultation business, has become my past and my future evolving into something new and amazing!

Complex Psych is a company designed to help you explore the possibilities and unfold as your unique version of exceptional.

Are you thriving in your current job?

How about your relationships?

What feeds your soul?

What fuels your

dreams and


At Complex Psychology, we make it our mission to offer daily inspiration, foster intimate, honest conversations in our private Facebook community, Burnout Proof and create digital products designed to help coaches and mental health professionals thrive in life and work.

We can’t stop..won’t stop in our efforts to help others realize their potential, develop an abundant mindset, and bravely pursue dreams.

We hope Complex Psych becomes your “go-to” source for inspiration, education, and creativity on your own journey to freedom and financial prosperity! We know that anything is possible and that you can, for sure, accomplish anything.  Because you not only deserve everything you desire, you are designed to achieve it!

Let Complex Psych bear witness to your journey. We want everything you want for YOU and more!