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Liberation Tool Kit

Incorporate the LTK into your organization’s DEI efforts:

The following three methods show how you can seamlessly incorporate the Liberation Tool Kit course into your organization’s DEI efforts.

Licensing the LTK as a staff offering.

You select specific groups of people to complete the Liberation Tool Kit course. Ideally, teams will complete the course together so they can benefit (during and after) from the course material including integrated reflections & team-building activities in each module.

Direct Consultation and Direct Training.

Dr. Hamlett facilitates Pre- and Post-session when teams enroll in the LTK. However, she is also available to facilitate a series of 90-minute training sessions geared toward helping specific affinity groups, C-Suite, or other individuals in leadership positions.

LTK Certification for DEI professionals.

We train (and certify) your dedicated DEI personnel on how to facilitate the LTK and other DEI work from a psychological lens. Your team members will learn a unique ability to listen for what is NOT being said, while they facilitate individuals’ diversity-related self-change processes.

The Pillars of The Liberation Tool Kit


On a very basic level, trust is fundamental to our survival. Yet how often do we allow fear and racial conditioning to rob us of this basic quality? The LTK explores the ways that fear & prejudice erode our basic nature.


The LTK explores utterly astounding, yet simple links between social psychology, behavioral conditioning, and the many forms of identity-related discrimination. Behavioral change is only possible with this awareness.


Chances are you have been oppressed by something/someone before: rigid gender roles, microaggressions, family culture, ableism, the list goes on. The LTK helps you explore your history and “isms” so you can heal yourself with the truth.


The LTK helps individuals explore personal stories as well as family and social history. You are a complex collection of identities, yet we tend to focus only on 1 or 2 of our identities (i.e., race or gender). Find out the full landscape of your multidimensional, amazing self.

Mindful Management

As individuals grow to understand and respect themselves, they can more clearly draw boundaries and delineate systems of support. We offer specific strategies for developing radical self-care and the “Mindful Management” of systems, spaces, & people that may be less affirming.


We can truly thrive when we feel free. But “feeling free” is different for everyone. What does freedom look like to you, and how can you achieve it? This course will help you create a personal Liberation Tool Kit to support your wellbeing and happiness through the various “ups and downs” of adult life. 


"What an amazing job you’ve done on this series. The Liberation Tool Kit is exceptional and I look forward to integrating this into future efforts through our organization’s diversity initiatives. I look forward to connecting and talking more."

Starsheemar Byrumh, Coordinator of SAIV-RT, on the Liberation Tool Kit Course

"I thought the presentation as a whole was thorough and well-developed. Dr. Hamlett gave good examples from the present and past which enhanced her points. I think the modules could be split over a month or two. A great presentation overall!"

Public school district team member, on the Liberation Tool Kit Course

"We enjoyed your talk a lot! Right after your seminar, I received emails from my students talking about radical honesty. We can’t serve the community with honesty unless we ourselves experience radical honesty. Such a powerful message."

Organizer, State Psychological Association, on Direct DEI Training by Dr. Hamlett

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